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by knightmare_shad (knightmare_shad)
at August 1st, 2007 (12:13 am)

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Author: knightmare_shad
Title: Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy
Rating: NC-17, ~ written pre-HBP
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Summary: Challenge Response. Harry is comfortable in his job, secure that he is safe from the wizarding world, until a certain blond shows up and turns his world upside down.
Warnings: AU, Graphic Sex/language, Mpreg, OOC. Complete.

This is not a song fic. I just like the song name, and decided to use it for the name of the fic. This is an early story of mine, and I've chosen to leave it mostly as I wrote it, plot holes, characterization and all. Challenge is listed in the first chapter.

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoat Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Challenge issued by keikokin

Draco and Harry have both run away from their horrid home lives, or make it post-Hogwarts and they've run away from the wizarding world. They wind up getting jobs at the same place and are forced to work together to get money. How can get along and help each other while realizing their mutual attraction? Bonus points if Lucius finds out and gives his blessing. Or they decide to go back because of MPREG, or that they want to get married.

Bright lights flashed and music thumped in a strong bass. The dark, smoky club was filled to capacity with screaming, hormonal women. Harry shook his head as he made his way backstage, weaving expertly through the crowd, adroitly avoiding the grasping hands and drunken advances that always came his way.

“Potter, there you are, mate. Glad you could come in on short notice.” A slim, brown haired man came forward and grasped Harry’s hand.

“Anytime for you, Tony. Why didn’t Greg come in?”

“Fool broke his leg. He won’t be dancing for a while. Good thing I hired some fresh meat, or we’d really be dead.”

“Oh? Is he any good?” Harry went to his table and started stripping off his street clothes. He regarded his costumes for a moment, then chose one at random and started to dress.

“Better than good, darling.” Tony sat in a chair in front of Harry and watched him as got ready to hit the stage. Harry was a mystery to him. He had shown up, barely legal, totally unable to dance, but willing to do whatever it took to get a job. He never mentioned his past or any family.

Against his better judgment, Tony had taken him in, letting Harry sleep at his place and hiring him as a waiter. Harry had been working at the strip club for at least six months before enticing one of the dancers to show him how to move. Tony was amazed that underneath those ugly clothes he wore was a fine, taut, toned body. One Tony would have loved to jump.

Within a year, Harry was dancing and headlining. Women went wild when he hit the stage, with his innocent schoolboy looks and wicked moves.

“What do you mean by that, Tony? Please tell me he can at least dance.”

“You couldn’t when I hired you.”

“You hired me to wait tables. I’m the one who pushed to dance.”

“Well, this new boy is right up your alley. If he’s not as gay as you are, I’ll give you tonight’s take.” Tony stood to help Harry. The costume was on, a generic cowboy costume that ripped off easily with tear-away Velcro fastenings. Tight black trousers, cowboy boots, and an open faux leather vest were topped off by a wide brimmed black cowboy hat. Harry was in the process of putting glitter on his chest and neck, knowing the flashing lights would catch it. Tony reached for the brush and started on Harry’s untidy locks.

“He’s blond, and built, and he can dance,” Tony continued. “I interviewed him myself.”

“Really? Did it involve a couch?” Harry grinned at Tony in the mirror. He put the glitter down and stood. “So, boss? Good enough?”

“God, you are gorgeous,” Tony said, running his hands down Harry’s chest, towards his trousers. He smirked when Harry caught his hands to stop him. “Too bad you don’t like short, Italian men.”

Harry laughed and moved to the wings of the stage, waiting to be introduced. The opening strains of music pounded and Harry moved on to the stage. Women screamed as he went into his act, his body moving gracefully down the catwalk, spinning and gyrating as each piece of clothing was removed and tossed into the audience. A few of the women received kisses, and some even danced with Harry before being pulled off the stage by the handlers.

Tony watched from the sidelines. Harry really was poetry in motion, all lithe grace and raw sexuality. He didn’t know any more about his main draw than he did about the graceful young man he had hired earlier.

“Tony, new one’s here. He’s in your office,” Mike said. Mike ran the stage, and controlled everything from the music to who went on when.

“Send Harry in after he’s done,” Tony said.

Mike nodded and Tony left the wings with one last lingering look at Harry. He walked down the well-lit hallway to his office, the beat of the music thumping through the walls. He opened the door to his office to see his new hire waiting for him. He smiled reassuringly as he moved around his desk and sat down.

“Glad to see you’re punctual,” Tony said. He pulled out all the forms he needed and slid them over. “You need fill these out, for taxes and such. My best dancer should be done by the time you’re finished. He’ll take you around, introduce you and show you the ropes. Any questions?”

Grey eyes met his with no sign of hesitation.

“No sir, no questions.”

Tony smiled. “I’ll leave you here to finish those then.” He stood and left the office, intent on making his rounds through the club, checking on all the aspects. He was confident Harry would take over and settle the new kid in.

Harry finished his set, grinning widely as the last few women got their gropes in. He liked doing this, basking in the lust and admiration, moving to the music and losing himself in the beat. Plus, he knew absolutely no one would guess that the famous Harry Potter was a male stripper, and that made him safe from the wizarding world.

It had taken two long years to get away. Two long years before he could sever all ties and flee Dumbledore’s heavy hand and all the unwanted fame and attention. He had honestly thought it would get better with Voldemort dead, but it only got worse. Much worse. He would have lost his mind.

He moved easily through the back stage area, pausing only long enough to slip some sweatpants on. Wouldn’t do to see the new kid with nothing on but a g-string, after all. The other dancers called out greetings as he passed, and he responded, waving and smiling.

He walked down the hall to the manager’s office and knocked, opening the door before freezing in the doorway. No way. Absolutely no fucking way Malfoy was here. His eyes narrowed in sudden anger.

Draco turned when he heard the door open, and slowly ran his eyes up a mostly naked, glittering, flushed Harry Potter. He stood and turned to face him.

“What are you doing here?” Harry asked.

“Getting a job. I suppose you’re the one who is supposed to ‘show me the ropes’?” Draco asked, retreating behind his familiar mask of arrogance.

“You can dance. Exotic dancing.” Harry snorted in disbelief. “You do know that means stripping, right?”

“I know exactly what it means, Potter,” Draco retorted. “I can do it.”

“Whatever.” Harry moved into the office, shutting the door. He picked up Draco’s paperwork and looked it over. “Don’t know how to fill half this out, do you?”

“We aren’t all so well versed in the intricacies of Muggle life,” Draco said. He sighed deeply, and ran a hand through his shoulder-length hair. “Look, Potter, I didn’t know you worked here when I applied. I really need this job.”

“Slumming are you? Why don’t you go home to Mummy and Daddy?” Harry sneered.

“Because I have nothing to go home to,” Draco said softly.

Harry frowned as pity welled up in him. He couldn’t be feeling sorry for Draco! He hated the git. He gave a sigh that matched Draco‘s.

“All right, I’m sorry. I’m supposed to be helping you, not antagonizing you. Just don’t expect us to be friends. You keep your secrets, I’ll keep mine, and we’ll both keep them from everyone here.” He leaned forward and caught Draco’s gaze.

“I don’t want anyone here to know anything about my past. As a matter of fact, it’s probably best if they don’t know we even know each other. I think it’s obvious we’re both hiding from something or someone.”

“Right. I agree. So, where do we begin?”

Harry grinned. “With your paperwork. I’ll fix it, then I’ll show you around.”

“Good.” Draco settled back in his chair as Harry worked on his papers. He couldn’t decide if he was upset that Potter was here or not. It didn’t matter in the end. Like Potter said, they had their secrets, and they would keep them.

It didn’t take long for Harry to decide that Draco was hopeless about Muggle things. The paperwork was barely filled out, and when he asked Draco for the information, Draco just gave him blank looks.

He sighed. Why couldn’t his life ever be easy?

“Just how did you find this place anyway?” Harry asked as he made up the answers on the forms. “I mean how coincidental is it that you show up at the one place I work in?”

“My auto broke down here.” Draco said, trying to see what Harry was writing, but giving up as Harry shifted the paper away from him.

“Your auto?” Harry looked up, a smirk firmly in place. “Since when can you drive?”

“Since five days ago!” Draco replied indignantly. He glared as Harry laughed.

“How’d it break down?”

Draco muttered something in reply.


“Something called the ‘transmission’ fell out of it.” Draco shook his head in disgust as Harry laughed again. He took advantage of Harry’s distraction to grab the paper from him.

“My name is not Drake!” he sputtered. “And what is the rest of this? I never once worked as a ‘janitor’. What’s a ‘janitor’?”

“Someone who cleans loos.” Harry grabbed the paper back. “You invaded my space, Draco. You can’t fill this out, so you take what you get. Draco doesn’t sound Muggle, Drake barely does.”

“Fine, do it your way.” Draco huffed as he sat back in his seat, crossing his arms.

“Go on, your auto broke down, then what?”

Draco rolled his eyes, but continued. “I don’t have the money to fix it. It’s still in that horrid garage. No one will hire me, because I can’t do anything Muggle.” He said the last word with utter disgust. “I figured this place would take me on my looks, and I was right.”

“Tony said you could dance. You said you could dance,” Harry said, suddenly serious. “I like my job, Drake; I won’t have you out there if you can’t do it.”

“I said I could!”

“Then how’d you learn? ‘Cause I’m so sure all Malfoy heirs take Stripping 101.”

“You are a complete prat, you know? You always were.”

“I was a prat? How about you? You never missed a chance to come at me.”

“All right, all right. I used a spell to learn. But I really can do it, now. And do you have to call me Drake?”

“You need to get used to it. It’s the name I’m going to introduce you as.” Harry paused, choosing his words carefully. “It’s different, dancing for Tony, and dancing for the crowd. I can’t explain it. You’ll get your chance tonight.”

“Tonight?” Draco swallowed. He didn’t just squeak, did he?

“Of course. You go on after my next set. You’ll be the last dance of the night. It’ll give you a chance to see if you really can do it.”

“And if I can’t?” Draco actually looked panicked, which both pleased and worried Harry.

“Then you can wait tables. Or wash dishes.” He smirked again. “Or be the janitor. After all, you have the experience for it.” He tapped the paperwork. “Says so right here.”

Draco glared at him as he broke up in laughter again.

“I spilled my story to you. How did you end up here?”

Harry regarded him for a second. True, Draco had told him how he ended up at the club, and he did it without divulging the whys. ‘I can do that’ Harry decided.

“I was moving around, town to town, looking for somewhere to be. Someplace that felt right.” He smiled as he remembered. “I wandered in here, on my last pound, and it felt like the right fit. I stayed, and I’ve never regretted it.”

“I really had no idea you were here, Potter. I swear.”

Harry snorted. He put down the finished paperwork and stood.

“Come on, Drake, time to meet the folks and get you into a costume.”

~ ~ * ~ ~

Draco followed Harry out of the office and into the back stage of the club. The music still thumped, and they watched the current dancer, a tanned, dark haired man in a Zorro costume. Harry tugged on Draco’s arm to get his attention and led him further into the back, where the dancers dressed.

Each dancer had his own cubby with a mirror and whatever props he wanted. Costumes hung on rolling racks. The air hummed with conversation that ceased when the dancers noticed Harry and Draco.

“Oh, fresh meat! How lovely!” A slim, tall, black haired man stood from his seat and sauntered over to them. “Absolutely delicious! Are you taken? If not, I’ll take you. I‘m Jason.” He ran his eyes up and down Draco, obviously liking what he saw.

Harry put himself between Jason and Draco, suddenly feeling protective.

“Hands off, Jason. Consider him off limits.”

“You could have just said he was yours, Harry,” Jason pouted and flounced back to his chair, flopping angrily in it.

“God, Jason, turn down the flames,” a dark-skinned man said. He walked up to Harry and Draco. “I’m Bill. You can ignore Jason; we all do. Welcome to The Corral.”

“I meant to ask,” Draco said. “Why is it named that?”

“Because they ride us long and hard, and put us away sweaty!” laughed another one of the dancers. “I’m Sam. Don’t try to remember all of us,” he said good-naturedly. “You’ll eventually learn who we all are. The important ones are Tony, the boss, and Mike, who runs the stage. Oh, and of course ‘golden boy’ here.” He indicated Harry.

Draco started slightly to hear Harry called by the name he, himself, had used for so long.

“Um, I’m Drake. I’m pleased to meet you all.”

“Not half as pleased as we are!” a voice shouted from the back, and all the guys laughed.

Harry pulled Draco forward and sat in his cubby, leaving Draco standing beside him. He waved his hands toward the costumes.

“Pick one,” he ordered. “But make sure it’s simple. The first time you don’t want too much involved in taking it off.”

Draco raised an eyebrow at him for that statement. He looked through the costumes, finally settling on a gladiator one. He looked around for where to change, but then realized that everyone was simply stripping to change right there, even Harry. He kept his eyes on his costume as he quickly slipped it on.

The leather kilt went on fine, but he was having problems with the breastplate. Harry finally took pity on him and fastened it on him, showing him as he did so how to unfasten it. He adjusted the armbands and studied Draco.

“Not bad,” he said, stepping into Draco’s space. He ran his hands through Draco’s hair, fluffing it out just a bit, and brushing it away from Draco’s face. Draco held still as he did so, barely breathing as pleasant shocks went through him at Harry’s touch. Satisfied with Draco’s hair, Harry stepped back and finished getting ready himself.

Draco watched him get ready, taking deep breaths to calm himself down. Harry was wearing a strange outfit of ballooning trousers made up of splotches of black, brown and three different colours of green. His green shirt was tight and fit into the trousers, and his boots were black and looked heavy.

“Ready?” Harry asked, pulling on the plastic dog tags that some lucky lady would take home.

“As I’ll ever be.”

“Potter, you’re up!” Mike yelled from the wings of the stage. Harry grinned and started for the stage, pulling Draco behind him.

Draco stood on the side of the stage, completely entranced with the sight of Harry moving to the music. The only times he had seen Harry dance were the balls at school, and he didn’t dance at those if he wasn’t forced. He had no idea Harry could move like that.

“Nervous?” Sam asked, standing next to Draco. His sage green eyes danced as he watched the nervousness and panic spread in Draco’s expression. “Everyone is the first time, you know.”

“Really? Was Potter?”

“Harry? Actually, no he wasn’t. It doesn’t seem to matter what Tony throws at him, he takes it all in stride.”

“Why did you call him the ‘golden boy’?” Draco asked.

“’Cause Tony’s training him to take over, teaching him how to run the business. We’re joking when we say it. We’re a pretty tight group here; we all get along. Anyone who doesn’t is invited to leave. Place this small, you can’t have an attitude problem.”

“Wow.” Draco turned his attention back to the man dancing. “He’s really good.”

“Yeah, he picked it right up. And after a while, we all got him to stop wearing those ugly baggy clothes. Those of us who bat for the other side are half in love with him.”

“Who is that? If you don’t mind my asking?” Draco shot Sam a look.

“Um, me, Jason obviously, Max, and about three guys you haven’t seen tonight. And Harry, of course. Everyone else is straight. You?”

“The only thing straight about me is my teeth,” Draco quipped with a grin.

“And I am so happy to hear that,” Sam replied, grinning himself.

“Drake, you’re up!” Mike said, tapping Draco on the shoulder.

Draco froze, his heart slamming. Thinking about dancing was one thing, dancing in front of just one guy not so bad, but going out there? He was petrified.

“Hey, just get out there and move. Mike will announce that it’s your first time, the crowd is mellow, and it’s the last dance of the night. You’ll be just fine.” Sam reached up and twirled a lock of Draco’s hair in his fingers, tugging lightly and smiling.

Harry walked off the stage, grinning and waving to some regulars in the crowd. He turned to the wings, frowning when he saw Sam talking to Draco. Sam was a nice guy, so why did it bother Harry that he was flirting with Draco? He shook his head, dismissing that train of thought.

“Ready, Drake? What?” he asked when he reached the two. Draco was staring at him, deer in the headlights look plastered firmly on his face.

“Nothing. I’m ready.” Draco took his place, waiting to be announced. The image of Harry standing in front of him, glittered, hard body in just a g-string and those boots was burned into his mind. He swallowed nervously as Mike’s voice came over the speakers, introducing him as a brand new dancer.

The music started, and Sam gave Draco a gentle push onto the stage. Draco moved to the centre, years of training, of putting on a mask, taking over. He held his head proudly as the magic took over and his body began to move. Soon, he was enjoying himself, moving to the beat that pounded through his body. The crowd was clapping and whistling at him, and groups of women were waving him over to them.

“Looks like he’s a hit,” Sam said as he watched Draco move. “What a sweet arse. I wonder if he’ll go out with me.”

“Hmmm. You can ask,” Harry replied, shoving down the flash of irritation he felt at Sam’s words. He kept his eyes glued to Draco. He knew Draco was graceful, but he never knew he could move like that.

Sam studied Harry, taking advantage of the fact that he was completely engrossed in Drake. He turned his head when he heard a sound to see Bill and Jason watching Drake dance, too. He walked back to them.

“Golden boy got it bad?” Jason asked, arms crossed as he leaned against a wall.

“If he does, he doesn’t know it himself,” Sam replied.

“A hundred pounds has them shagging within two weeks,” Bill offered.

“Oh, I want in on that. I say they shag within a week. Sam?”

“I was planning on asking Drake out myself,” Sam said, frowning.

“So, ask him out. A guy can’t have too many fuck buddies,” Jason said.

“Jason!” Sam said. “I swear sometimes I wonder how you made it out of childhood without being strangled.”

“So, Sam, are you in or out?” Bill asked.

Sam turned to watch Harry watch Drake. He was still going to ask Drake out, but it was obvious that Harry was interested, even if Harry hadn’t realised it himself. Sam hadn’t missed his reaction earlier.

“I’m in. I say a week and a half.”

“Good,” Bill said.

Draco finished his set to applause. He walked off the stage, flushed and feeling high on accomplishment. His eyes locked on Harry’s as he approached.

Harry watched Draco walk toward him, thoroughly enjoying the view. There was nothing wrong with looking, after all. And it was such a nice view, too. Harry had heard all the rumours about Draco in school and wondered which ones were true. God, what a body.

“You were brilliant,” he said with a grin.

“Thanks,” Draco said. “I enjoyed it.”

“Come on, it’s time to get dressed, straighten up and go home.” Harry and Draco walked together away from the stage and back to the dressing area. “You do have somewhere to go, don’t you?” he asked. He started cleaning the glitter off his chest and neck.

“What?” Draco asked, flushing. He had been concentrating entirely too hard on watching Harry.

“A place to stay, Drake. Do you have one?” Harry threw the cloth down and pulled his g-string off, exchanging it for boxers.

Draco hurriedly looked away. He started to change himself, deliberately not looking at Harry. Because, he wasn’t interested in him. At all. It didn’t matter that he had a great body; he was still the annoying git he had been in school. He just had to keep reminding himself of that.

“Drake, I asked you a question.”

“Oh, yeah. A place to stay. Um, I’ve been staying in a hotel for now. I wanted to find a job before I looked for a place to stay.”

“A lot of us live in the same building,” Sam said, joining the conversation. “There’s a flat available in it; you want to come over tomorrow and see it?”

“Yes, that would be great,” Draco answered.

“Good. Meet me here tomorrow at noon and I’ll take you there.”

“All right.”

“The building is decent and the landlady is great,” Harry said as he led Draco away from the tables. “I live there, too. It’s very reasonable in rent, and she’ll let you go ahead and move in without the first month’s rent.”

“Good. I’m broke right now. What happens now?”

“Now, I go work with Tony, and you go home. See you tomorrow. Just ask Sam to pick you up and bring you in.”

Draco nodded. He watched Harry walk down the hall and knock on the office door before being let in. He walked out of the club into the warm summer night, smiling. Maybe this would work out after all. He and Harry had been pleasant with each other. It would be great if they could leave their animosity in the past.

~ ~ * ~ ~

The parking lot shimmered in the drowsy summer heat as Draco walked towards the club. Sam was leaning against a car, waiting for Draco. He smiled in greeting when Draco drew near.

“Hello,” Sam said, pulling away from the car. “Have a good night?”

“As much as I could in a hotel. They’re hard to be comfortable in,” Draco answered. He slid into the passenger seat when Sam opened the door for him. Sam walked around and climbed in, starting the engine and pulling out.

“You’ll like the flat; the building is amazing. Only strippers from this club and our sister club live there and it’s very private.”

“Sounds good,” Draco said with a smile. He looked out the window and watched the landscape pass by. They drove for a few minutes, the only sound in the car the radio. The business district passed by and they were into private homes and apartment buildings.

Soon, Sam pulled up in front of a white stone building and hit a remote to open the gate. He drove in and pulled into a shaded parking area.

“Come on, it’s time to meet Marissa. She’s the landlady. I told her about you, well, that you were looking for a flat, and that you worked for The Corral, and she’s willing to let you rent one of the open flats. She’s real easy to get along with.” Sam paused. “I’m rambling, aren’t I?”

“A bit,” Draco said, hiding his irritation.

They entered the stone building, sighing in relief as the cool air hit them. They walked into an office. A plump woman sat behind a desk, smiling in welcome.

“You must be Drake,” she said, offering her hand. Draco shook it, then sat as she gestured to a chair. “Harry tells me you need a flat and that you work with him.”

“Yes, I just started.”

“Well, let me tell you a bit about our place, then if you like, we can look at the flat.” She turned her gaze to Sam. “You can just run along, young man. I can handle this.”

“Uh, sure. Guess I’ll see you later, Drake.”

“Yeah, later.” Draco gave a quick smile, silently sighing in relief when Sam left.

“Well, I give it a day before he asks you out,” Marissa said, smiling at Draco’s startled look. “He is so painfully easy to read. And if I read you right, you’re not interested in him.”

“No, I actually find him somewhat irritating,” Draco answered honestly.

“You’re not the only one,” Marissa said, her eyes twinkling. “This building is for the workers at The Corral and The Sugar Club, a female strip club. It’s gated, and secluded, and private. I expect to be paid on time, but if you have problems and you come talk to me first, we can work something out. Like your first month’s rent. I know you just started work, so I’m willing to wait for your first pay, but not beyond.”

“That is more than reasonable,” Draco said with a smile.

“Let’s go look at the flat, then.” Marissa stood, and pulled a key off the wall, then led Draco out into the building proper.

“This is the main lobby. The laundry room is off to the right here, and there’s a meeting room that has a TV and billiards table and such in it. Everyone meets there off and on, and we have dinners there and sometimes parties.”

She led the way out of the lobby through double glass doors, shielded with blinds. A clear blue pool stretched out in front of Draco, with people swimming and laying out around the edge. The flats opened out—like in a hotel—facing the pool, so the pool was only visible from a flat or the lobby. She urged Draco up to the second story and walked down the long balcony.

“This is set up like a hotel, but with apartments. The original owner was born and raised in Florida in the States, and he modelled this building after the hotels there. Unfortunately, we don’t share the same climate, and he promptly packed up and headed home. I bought it and have run it ever since,” Marissa continued as she slipped her key into a door. She opened the door and stepped back, letting Draco step into the flat first.

Draco looked around, liking what he saw. The main room had a fireplace in it and wooden floors. A cream couch sat on a soft blue rug. The kitchen was just off the main room, and a short hallway led to a bathroom and a bedroom. The bedroom had a king sized bed in it, with a TV and an entertainment center. Draco looked at Marissa in question.

“Harry said you didn’t have any furniture, so he got this stuff for you. He’s really such a sweet boy.”

Draco frowned slightly. It was perfect, and felt comfortable right away to him, but accepting it?

“I don’t know,” he said.

“Humph. You’ll take it.” Marissa pressed the key into Draco’s hand and stepped back. “Rent’s due on the first of the month, late by the fifth. You can move in right this minute. I’m sure you’ll find Sam eager to help.” She grinned as Draco grimaced. “We’re barbequing tonight by the pool, please join us. Stop by before you leave to sign your forms.” She turned and walked away without another word.

Draco looked down at the key in his hand, and then up at his new home.

“Cool, you’re moving in.” Sam stood in the doorway, smiling. “Need help with stuff?”

“That would be wonderful,” Draco said. He shut the door as he stepped outside, and locked it.

“Let’s go then!” Together, they walked back down to the lobby and out the door.

~ ~ * ~ ~

Draco collapsed on the bed, breathing in deep the scent of lavender. The bedroom was pale gold and green—very soothing. The TV was interesting and he had spent several minutes just playing with it. He smirked as he thought of Harry picking all this out.

Getting rid of Sam had been exhausting. First, they had driven to the hotel where Draco had quickly packed. They put his suitcases in Sam’s car, then drove back. Sam helped Draco bring them up to the flat and had tried to stay to help put things away, but Draco had shooed him away. Then he stood in the doorway, talking for what seemed like forever before Draco finally got him to leave.

He frowned. He was restraining himself, not being rude or arrogant like he normally was, because he didn’t want to antagonize anyone at the club. But Sam was damn annoying. He wondered how rude he could be without causing a problem.

He heaved his arse off the bed and started to unpack, putting his things away.

~ ~ * ~ ~

The barbeque was in full swing by the time Draco made it down to the pool. The air was still hot from the day, and Draco was sweating in the t-shirt and shorts he had thrown on over his swimsuit. He felt decidedly overdressed when he got to the pool, however. Almost everyone was in skimpy bathing suits, if they were wearing anything at all. Draco had never seen people wear so little or nothing and be so comfortable about it.

Marissa grinned when she spotted Draco and walked over to him.

“Do you want me to introduce you around?” she asked.

“No, I think I’ll just go lie by the pool first.”

“That’s fine. When the sun goes down, we’ll light the torches and then the party will really begin.” She grinned before walking away.

Draco moved onto the deck of the pool, weaving his way through the crowd. He spotted an empty lounge chair and sat on it, pulling his legs up and looking around.

“Enjoying yourself?” Harry’s voice drawled from beside him.

He looked at Harry, then quickly looked away, flushing. Harry was stretched out on his stomach, head pillowed on his arms on the lounge chair, lying on a towel, and, of course, wearing nothing.

“Does everyone go nude around here?” Draco asked, watching the water.

“We’re strippers, Drake. We can’t have tan lines. Shy?”

“So what if I am? I don’t remember you being this…open…in school.”

“That’s when I still gave a damn what other people thought,” Harry responded quietly.

“Do you talk to anyone from there?”

“Not anymore,” Harry answered. “Sam ask you out yet?”

“Ugh. I wish he’d leave me alone.”

“So, tell him. I don’t remember you ever having a problem voicing your opinion loud and clear.”

Draco shot Harry a glance, meeting his eyes. Harry smiled before closing his eyes and stretching, arching his back and rolling his head. Draco watched the graceful movement, his stomach tightening in arousal. Harry opened his eyes again and caught Draco’s gaze.

“Like what you see, Drake?” he asked softly.

Draco blushed and turned away. He pulled off his shirt, dropping it beside the chair. He stood, still not looking at Harry and pulled his shorts off. He debated for a second before deciding ‘what the hell’ and pulling off his swimsuit, too. Still ignoring Harry, he stepped to the edge of the pool and jumped in, welcoming the cool water against his heated skin.

Harry watched him hungrily, finally admitting to himself that he wanted Draco. He had had such delicious dreams last night after that dance. The question now was would he act on the desire? He usually had a firm rule not to date anyone he worked with, and, as the common sense portion of his brain was screaming, this was Draco Malfoy.

He watched Draco swim the length of the pool and back again. He frowned when he saw Sam slip into the water and approach him. Harry stood and slipped into the water himself, submerging and swimming underwater to Sam and Draco.

Draco stood in the shallow end, wiping water from his face. When he opened his eyes, Sam was in front of him, smiling.

“Hey,” Sam said.

“Hello.” Draco started to move away, but Sam grabbed his elbow. He looked down at Sam’s hand, then back up to Sam, and Sam moved his hand.

“I just wanted to know if you’d go out with me tomorrow night,” Sam said.

Draco opened his mouth to say no when a cool voice sounded behind him.

“Sorry, Sam,” Harry said, standing just behind Draco. “I already asked him out.”

“Oh, all right.” Sam looked disappointed. “Maybe some other time?”

“Maybe.” Harry’s voice was smug.

Sam glanced at them both before moving to the deep end and swimming away.

“Thanks for the save,” Draco said. “But I could have handled it myself.”

“Do you often,” Harry slowly ran his gaze down Draco’s body and back up again, “’handle it yourself’?”

“That was just awful,” Draco groaned. “Do you always make such rotten jokes?”

“Only when I have an appreciative audience.” He grinned at Draco. “Of course, you know now we actually have to go on a date tomorrow night.”

Draco frowned for effect. “I suppose I can put up with it, if you can. After all, it can’t be worse than detention with Filch, can it?”

Harry narrowed his eyes and splashed Draco with water. Draco responded, splashing Harry in the face, before ducking under and swimming for the deep end. He came up, treading water, and looked for Harry.

Suddenly he felt hands on his legs, then his hips, and he was jerked under water. He surfaced again, sputtering and floundering. He felt himself being moved backward, and he gripped the edge of the pool when his hand was guided to it. He finally got the water out of his eyes and opened them to find Harry’s face inches from his own. Harry kept one hand against the edge of the pool, and used the other to pull Draco to him. He searched Draco’s face for any sign of protest before pressing his lips to Draco‘s.

Draco groaned as the flow of water brought their bodies together, then apart again. He opened his mouth, tangling his free hand in Harry’s hair. They devoured each other, tongues dancing and sliding against each other. Finally, they had to separate for air. The applause surprised Draco, and he looked up to see a crowd whistling and shouting suggestions, most of which would have required props.

Draco lifted his chin and turned to pull Harry in for another kiss, to everyone’s delight. He broke away and swam for the ladder, Harry right behind him. They both walked back to their lounge chairs, sitting to bask in the sun.

Draco finally got the courage to turn on his back instead of lying on his stomach. He turned his head to see amused green eyes studying him.

“What?” he asked, flushing.

Harry smiled gently. “Just enjoying the view.” He again deliberately ran his gaze down Draco’s body and back again. “Amazing what those damn uniforms can hide, isn’t it.”

“Does anyone here know anything about your past?” Draco asked, turning on his side to talk quietly with Harry. Harry shifted to his side to face Draco as well.

“They know I went to a private school, and that it was in Scotland. They know my parents died when I was a baby and that my aunt and uncle raised me. They know I didn’t have a very pleasant childhood. Basically, the truth, but with anything magical erased from it.”

Draco nodded. “I just don’t want to say something wrong.”

“Why are you here, Draco?” Harry asked, softly.

“Not Drake?” Draco asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No one around to hear,” Harry explained. “To be truthful, I hate that name. I’d rather call you Draco.”

Draco nodded agreement before answering. “My father found out I’m gay. He didn’t respond in a very pleasant manner,” he said, remembering how angry his father had been. “I was told to leave and never return.”

“I’m sorry,” Harry said.

Draco smiled at him, dismissing the memory.

“I’m not entirely unhappy with where I’ve landed,” he said. He grinned at Harry, before turning on his back and closing his eyes.

“Just wait until after our date,” Harry said, as he, too, turned on his back. “I promise, you’ll never forget it.”


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