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Aisling-Dono [userpic]
Black Complication 2a/5 - LMHP, DMHP
by Aisling-Dono (k155_me)
at February 10th, 2008 (10:20 pm)

Wow, it’s been over half a year since I posted the first chapter – I know, I’m bad, spank me. So sorry.
But anyway – this chapter was meant to be longer, because I only wanted a five-chapter-part fiction, but since I made you wait so long, I figured I could split this one in half and you’d get this much early. It’s still almost 4,000 words: nothing to scoff at.
Anyway, enjoy. At the bottom, I have a time line – I’ll halve that as well. Well, quarter it really (this chapter was going to be really long).

Black Complication by Aisling

* * *

Words: 4,512
Chapter 2.1
Complications Arise I

* * *

Thanks for reading, please review. Part two, hopefully, coming soon. I also have half a chapter of THE ERLKING done…