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This is a community to share fics that have one of the Malfoy men as part of the main pairing. That is requirement number one. Requirement number two: NO DEATH FICS. I ask that there be little to no pimping of communities as I am trying not to xpimp this one. Please do not bombard this site with Severus Snape fics because he squicks me out something fierce. The majority of the authors who post here were asked personally by me to do so, because they are friends or authors that I am trying to encourage. Therefore flamers will be booted. I am trying to do this as an open community but if need be it will become a private on very fast.

Thanks for listening to the rants. Personally I have penned over 70 fics to date. I have a regular LJ page, a yahoo group and archive on TSS, etc. I am a double Cancer who can be very friendly but I am also Irish/Scot, also known as no fuse at all. If you are one you know what I mean. To add to that I have a dash of Japanese for a wonderful Kamakazi attitude. Sorry but its all true. I am not wonderful. I am not perfect. But please try to run your fics past a beta, a spell check and someone who knows the characters correct spellings according to the books.

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